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Our Team: Driving Innovation and Excellence in Agricultural Technology

Established in 2016, our company has been at the forefront of agricultural technology development and services for more than 8 years. One of the first batch of high-tech enterprises supported by the country, we pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation and excellence. At the heart of our success is our dedicated and experienced professional R&D team, whose expertise and passion drive our cutting-edge developments and solutions.

Our R&D team boasts a wealth of experience in the agricultural technology sector, and their innovative mindset has led to the successful development of our state-of-the-art spray drones. These drones have been designed and engineered to cater to the specific needs of the agricultural field, providing efficient and effective solutions for spraying liquid chemicals and spreading granular fertilizers.

One of the key strengths of our R&D team is their ability to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Their efforts have led to the acquisition of various certifications, including CE, FCC, R0HS, ISO9001, OHSAS18001, and ISO14001, which underscore the quality and reliability of our products. Furthermore, our team’s dedication to advancement has resulted in the securing of 18 patents, a testament to their innovative contributions to the industry.

Our range of spray drones includes 6-axis and 4-axis models, each with different capacities to suit the diverse needs of our customers. With payloads ranging from 10L to 30L, our drones offer versatility and efficiency in agricultural operations. Moreover, our drones are equipped with advanced features such as autonomous flight, AB point flight, obstacle avoidance, terrain following flight, real-time image transmission, cloud storage, and intelligent and efficient spraying. These functionalities have been incorporated to ensure that our customers have access to cutting-edge technology that significantly enhances their productivity and effectiveness in the field.

In addition to their technical expertise, our R&D team is driven by a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the agricultural sector. Their ability to empathize with the needs of our customers and anticipate industry trends allows them to develop solutions that are both impactful and sustainable. By consistently pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, our team has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of agricultural technology and driving positive change within the industry.

Ultimately, our R&D team embodies our company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Their relentless pursuit of innovation, coupled with their technical proficiency and industry insight, has been instrumental in solidifying our position as a leader in agricultural technology. As we continue to expand and evolve, we remain confident in our team’s ability to drive progress and deliver groundbreaking solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.

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